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2020/21 Workday Salary &
Market Survey 

Our 2nd Annual Workday Salary & Market Survey is the 
only one of its kind for the US Workday ecosystem.

This report provides insight into the different factors that impact compensation, benefits and perks that Workday professionals crave, and a look at popular trends in the industry. 

Key Findings

Those with at least 3 certifications earn 9% more than those without.  When increased to 4-6 certications, salary rises 11%. 
71% of the US Workday ecosystem are not open to relocation. 
60% of the US Workday ecosystem are open to a job change within the next 2 years.
Those with international Workday experience earn 12% more than those without. 

Benefits/Perks That Would Influence Job Change

100% Medical Covered
Bonus Program
4+ Weeks Vacation /
Unlimited PTO
Work from Home

Contractor Spotlight

82% of contractors would like the ability to earn Workday Certifications while maintaining their independence. 
34% have projects that typically last longer than 1 year.
69% consider the ability to earn higher income as the major benefit of being a contractor. 
35% of contractors work on at least 2 different projects at once.
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