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Marlene Hughes

Partner - Workday Recruiting

Marlene = Integrity + Honesty + Industry knowledge


With over 20 years of recruitment industry experience Marlene’s interest in both candidates and clients and matching them not just in terms of skills and experience, but also to find the right personality for a solid ‘corporate fit’ has contributed greatly to her success.

Marlene is respected for her honesty and integrity. This combined with a positive and communicative approach as well as having a strong desire to create positive connections and results provides her with the ability to attract quality candidates. She has the ability to motivate others and build relationships. Relationship building is her trademark.

When Not Working:  Marlene enjoys international travel and experiencing new cultures. She also enjoys relaxing and enjoying time with family, friends and her dog Riley whether in Canada at a cottage in the country or on the water in beautiful southern Florida.

Favorite Candidate Feedback: “I was told by another candidate you recently spoke with that you are very good at what you do – which says a lot coming from someone as well respected in her industry as she is”.  “I also have found you a pleasure to work with. You are comfortable and easy to speak with but also care – in my experience some recruiters have been pushy and almost arrogant. They seem to only want information but do not really care about the individual.”

Feedback from a Client:  “You are a great ambassador for our organization. You know how to present our company and the benefits of working here in a way that creates interest and stands out to potential candidates. We have received positive feedback from candidates we have interviewed through you.”

Quote I Live By : ” Be Kind –  Think deeply – Live fully –  Love  – Laugh – Believe and take action towards making your dreams reality – anything is possible”