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4 Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Let’s face it, we are in a technology talent shortage – especially when it comes to Workday technology skills.   Company openings are currently averaging  60+ days open which not only strains current resources but also delays key team deadlines.   Moreover, companies are reporting they are seeing fewer candidates for their openings as they try to source on their own. Which leads us to ask – could you be shooting yourself in the foot with your Talent Attraction strategy?  Here are common

Corner Office Consultants featured in Cloud Market Interview

TheRecruiterU, an internationally acclaimed training company in talent acquisition, recently interviewed the founder of Corner Office Consultants, Carla Corley, on how to attract the best talent in today’s Cloud market.  Discussed in the interview were tips on addressing recruiting issues for the SaaS market with specifics around: ​The biggest challenges in attracting talent… and how to overcome them. ​​The changing demographics of the workforce with retiring Baby Boomers. ​How you can “tweak” your hiring process to attract the best talent. ​How social media is